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Migrating your email data to Hosted Exchange

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Migrating your email data to Hosted Exchange

Migrate your Microsoft Exchange data to Foreshore's Hosted Exchange in Three Simple Steps

1.  Export the data you want to migrate into PST files

2. Get your data to us

3. Mailbox creation and data import

Service switchover including the modification of DNS entries is to be discussed prior to the migration of data.  This process will vary on a client-by-client basis dependant on any specific requirements you may have and the service offering that you have purchased.  Migration of data will form part of this discussion and is covered below.

Please note that these methods are based on migrating from an existing Exchange/Outlook platform.  Should you be migrating from a platform such as Lotus Notes you will need to use a third party solution such as the tools offered by Quest ( to export your data into PST files.

Self Migration or Foreshore Assisted Migration

There are two methods for you to migrate your existing email data into Foreshore’s Hosted Exchange platform.  Which of the methods you chose is based on variables such as your available bandwidth (upload direction), number of mailboxes to import and the size of the mailboxes to import.

Based on these variables you can either migrate the data into the new platform yourself or you can supply us with a copy of your exported data to import into the new system on your behalf.

Foreshore Assisted Migration is an additional chargeable service that includes additional levels of migration planning for larger organisations. 

Self Migration

Data Export

To export the data from your current system please take a backup copy of each user’s mailbox to a PST file using the method as described in Exporting Data using Outlook 2010

Mailbox Creation

Create user mailboxes in the hosted Exchange Control Panel at

Data Import

After the mailboxes have been created on the Foreshore Hosted Exchange platform you can connect to them using Microsoft Outlook to import the data from the PST files as described in Importing Data using Outlook 2010

Foreshore Assisted Migration

Data Export

To export the data from your current system please take a backup copy of each user’s mailbox to a PST file using the method as described in Exporting Data using Outlook 2010

When creating the separate PST files for each user please ensure that none of the individual files are larger than 2GB in size and that each file is clearly labelled with the users email address.  If the user’s mailbox is larger than 2GB please export the data into separate PST files and format the names as follows:

Supply us with your data

Our preferred method of receiving client data is through the use of a TrueCrypt encrypted container on a USB hard drive.  TrueCrypt is open source encryption software and can be downloaded from

Inside the container we will need copies of your exported PST files and a spreadsheet containing the following information for each user:

- First Name
- Last Name
- Primary Email Address
- Alias Addresses
- PST files to import

We will use this to create your mailboxes in the control panel ( on your behalf.

Please ensure that you retain a copy of the PST files yourself throughout this process.  In an event such as the disk being damaged in transit it is important that you still have a copy of the data that can be re-supplied to us.

Please also ensure that you have checked the contents of the PST files to ensure that the data inside is as expected prior to sending us the disk.

Data Import

Foreshore will now import the PST files that you have supplied into the users mailboxes according to the details in the spreadsheet provided.  The data will then be available in the users Hosted Exchange mailboxes.


You are now up and running with your new Foreshore Hosted Exchange 2010 service. 

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