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Checking your current mailbox size

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Checking your current mailbox size

You can check your current mailbox usage and the total size available to you through both Outlook 2010 and OWA.  Please contact your account manager to discuss Mailbox Add-ons if you wish to increase the size of your mailbox from the size included with your hosting plan.


To check the size using OWA first browse to and enter your email address and password

When your inbox loads hover your mouse pointer over your name in the left hand navigation bar.


When hovering over your name you will get a popup that will display your current usage and your maximum limit.

You can also check this via Outlook 2010 on the Account Information page.  To open the Account Information page click on File and then Info on the left hand side.  Under the Mailbox Cleanup section on this page there is a usage bar showing the amount of free space you have left and your maximum limit.

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