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Troubleshooting VMware Remote Console

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Troubleshooting VMware Remote Console

Trouble viewing virtual machine consoles with Internet Explorer on Windows Vista and later
You may experience problems when trying to view a virtual machine console with Internet Explorer from a computer running Windows Vista or later. Disabling Internet Explorer's Protected Mode resolves this issue. You can make this change in Tools > Internet Options > Security > uncheck Enable Protected Mode.

Console does not load correctly in Firefox 3.6 on Windows systems
In Firefox 3.6 running on Windows systems, the console does not display in windowed mode. To get the console to display correctly, use the console in full screen mode.

Console does not reconnect when a virtual machine is powered on from outside the console window
When you leave a console window open after shutting down a virtual machine and the virtual machine is powered on again from outside the console, the console does not reconnect to the powered on virtual machine. To reconnect the console to the virtual machine, close the console and open a new console window for the virtual machine.

Console might not display correctly in Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 systems
When you open a console in Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows 7 system, it might display a gray screen instead of the virtual machine desktop. To correct this display issue, refresh the console page.

Norton Internet Security blocks installation of the VMware VMRC plugin
The VMRC plugin is required in order to view vCloud Director virtual machines consoles. Follow the Norton Internet Security procedures to allow the VMRC plugin to be installed.

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